intelligent virtual assisstant
AI powered virtual recruiter features

Top features of virtual recruiters

◉AI-powered virtual recruiters works round the clock and attends calls 24/7
◉Makes the talent acquisition Process transparent, measurable, and unbiased
◉Eliminate cold calls
◉Reduces data searching time and improves data analysis
◉Interview scheduling is automated
◉Automated communication skill evaluations

quality of hiring through artificial intelligence

The quality of hiring increases

BOT Shreyasi helps in pre-screening and sourcing the applicants for specific tasks. In the bundle of applications, the hiring manager must choose the best candidate, and the process can be automated so that recruiters can quickly collect data from each candidate. As a result, they evaluate candidates according to the filter used. BOT analyses candidates' skills and experience using advanced algorithms.

better data analysis by artificial intelligence

Better data analysis

HR managers have the opportunity to select individuals based on skill and place them in positions where their skills are most needed. This new strategy not only improves business productivity but also motivates job applicants to improve their skills. Moreover, AI software has a higher level of accuracy. This helps in the finalization and shortlisting of applicants who are selected based on their skills to stand out from the crowd using the pre-screening list.

HR automation saves time

Automation saves time

Every business values its time, and the recruiting sector is no exception. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers various options for evaluating a candidate's skills. AI-based software can evaluate large volumes of data in a matter of seconds and deliver clear conclusions that decision-makers can consider. AI solutions not only save time but also money and resources.

Your business needs transformation and automation more desperately than you think!