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Zero Attrition

Interesting points you must consider while thinking of automation. BOT Shreyasi is never on leave, Attrition is not a problem anymore. Every company we speak to tells us they have a 50%, 70% even more than 100% attrition rate. This will never leave the job.

advanced customer handling

Zero training cost

Having huge attrition leads to having never-ending and repetitive training for everyone. Imagine a system that is trained once and forever, it will only upgrade and learn new and advanced customer handling skills not repeating the same training.

How BOT Shreyasi automates contact centers

BOT Shreyasi uses an intelligent and cognitive algorithm to identify the right intent and to collect the necessary data through calls and chat.

Shreyasi investigates and analyses data using cognitive algorithms and also identifies emotions, word choices, and personality to provide you with the most appropriate response.

Easy transfer of the customer calls to the agent and with all context already filled in.

shreyasi AI automates contact centers

Review all the calls later with pre-recorded sessions. Also, check to get all the conversations transcribed in chat format for better understanding.

Intelligent AI system that is answering all the queries and requests, in real-time with no data logs, no waiting time for customers, and instant resolutions.

BOT Shreyasi takes all data and queries to provide the finest outcomes to the customer.

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