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Automatic call distribution

When a call comes in, some of your agents may be busy with other leads. BOT Shreyasi accepts the call and analyses it as needed, rather than queuing it on another agent's table. The automated call distribution option allows you to arrange call distribution depending on factors such as the caller's location, the time the call was made, In multi language, and so on

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Real-time Conversational Analytics

Based on data from purchases, interactions, and feedback, BOT Shreyasi assists businesses in understanding consumer preferences and behaviors. BOT Shreyasi responds quickly to consumer queries and improves process functioning and administration with no errors. As a result, call handling time is reduced, client loyalty is boosted, and revenues are increasing.

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Intelligent Call Routing

BOT Shreyasi collects customer inquiries via phone, digital, or social media, then analyses them to decide which agent is most suited to resolve the issue. This improves customer satisfaction by lowering long waiting times and ensuring that inquiries are sent to the right person at the right time.

Natural Language Processing(NLP)


The powerful NLP engine in BOT Shreyasi works for customer communication and answers appropriately. The NLP engine understands the syntax, semantics, discourse, and intent of the message regardless of the language, allowing it to engage in a human-like conversation. NLP is used by BOT Shreyasi to automate interactions and procedures, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience.

context management

Context Management

BOT Shreyasi is programmed to recognize when the topic of a conversation changes and to continue the call based on the service required. Multiple objectives are common in messages and emails, so recognizing all intentions in customer requests before reverting is challenging. Normally, a system can only identify one purpose, but the BOT Shreyasi NLP engine can detect various objectives and reply to customers appropriately.

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