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No waiting loops

We provide customer solutions featuring 0% waiting time or missed calls, with accurate data, upgraded analytics, satisfied customers, and positive returns.

Customer happiness

By reducing the average handle time for customers, BOT Shreyasi helps customers to be pre-qualified, authenticated, and sent to the best-fitting agent to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Multilingual voice conversational AI (regional)

With multiple language options BOT Shreyasi supports users' during a live chat which is programmed with a sophisticated NLP engine that helps them identify language to interact in that specific language with effective solutions.

Boost accuracy with automation

BOT Shreyasi automates business workflows, improves employee productivity, reduces operational costs, and enhances decision-making.

Auto verification and identification

With intent recognition and optimized routing, BOT Shreyasi automates the identification and verification process for query management by backend integration, resulting in improved customer service levels and cost savings.

AI business opportunities in a BOT

AI Voice Bot Shreyasi enables businesses to tap into the power of digital channels and reach new customer sections without scaling up contact center costs.

query ratio icon 80 %

Less query for the agents

better customer experience icon 10

Better customer experience

24/7 customer solution icon 24 X7

Available for customers round the clock around the globe

90% efficient icon 90 %

Efficient than traditional process

What can we do for you?

voice conversational AI speaks all your customer

Intelligent Voice Conversational AI speaks to all your customers in real-time with no waiting loops and solves 80% of the queries in the go.

omnichannel and multilingual conversations

Omnichannel and multilingual conversations let your customers express their queries in their own regional language and channel.

interaction over call, chat, social media

Customers love freedom! of interacting over call or chat, over WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Website, and social media.

intelligent call routing

Round the clock around the globe. Hassle-free and intelligent call routing 24*7.

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