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BOT Shreyasi is opening the way for the contact center in the future. Our purpose is to gain productivity by automating tasks and lead towards better efficiency by giving exact timeline and accuracy with the process, updates, workflows and other tasks which are time-consuming can be easily handled by BOT Shreyasi. BOT Shreyasi is one BOT call center agent for the whole organization where it eases administration with a limited team that is worth having profits.

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We envision contact center automation as the future of customer interaction, providing a one-stop experience with an expert workforce. BOT Shreyasi automates calling with an AI-enabled conversational bot that attends and initiates calls, providing a fast and engaging experience for customers, workers, and agents. The BOT offers one-click calling, information gathering, and problem-solving with real-time experience.

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We believe that entering the automation era now means bridging the gap between human and machine innovations, helping both organizations and individuals in terms of work-life balance. With the current pattern, even a small point of contact for every consumer will be automated by taking business communication to the next level and allowing stakeholders, customers, and agents to work on more strategic tasks. We also believe that automating contact centers will play a critical role in advancing businesses with more effective management by offering enhanced, natural, and smart communications.

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